Monday, May 25, 2020

Wheeler Gorge Campground

We are still in shelter in place orders here,so I am going to do a couple blog posts of places I visited in the past. One such place is Wheeler Gorge Campground located in the beautiful Ojai, California.

 My husband and I spent a few days in the campground with our two dogs a few years ago. When we entered we met the camp hosts who were friendly and polite. They greeted us with smiles and pats in the head for our dogs. Our first choice of campsite had been washed out due to heavy rain a few weeks previously, but thankfully there were plenty of other camp sites available. It was an easy drive in and quick to set up camp. 

The area is gorgeousurrounded by trees and lush green mountains. I spend so much time in the desert I'm always really happy to see anything green. It's a quiet out of the way area and wasn't overcrowded like some places we've visited. After we set up camp we took a hike through the forest. The best part is the campgrounds are a short drive from the beach! We spent the mornings at the beach and the nights in front of the campfire. This trip was one of my favorite camping trips I've taken. I highly recommend making the trip out here if you get a chance. Unfortunately, I didn't get many photos from the vacation. The one above is my golden retriever, Wook peaking out of the tent in the morning impatient for the day to start. 

Wheeler Gorge Campground is located at 17017 Maricopa Hwy, Ojai, CA 93023. You can check the CampOne website for more information. Things to nore: Always double check about pet policies as they can change. Often California campgrounds have restrictions on having a fire and moving/using firewood so check that as well. Happy Travels!