Friday, February 21, 2020

Pet Friendly Beaches in Southern California

San Diego county has many options for dog beaches. It's overall a very dog friendly city. A few of the on leash options include Del Mar City Beach,Grand Caribe shoreline park and Bluffs beach in Oceanside. For off leash options check out Coronado Dog Beach or North Beach in Del Mar. Wookiee and I stopped at solana beach many years ago and it was a lovely area. 

LA County is harder to find dog friendly beaches in but if you're already camping in the area or visiting dog friendly sights it's worth the stop for a romp in the sand with your puppy pal. I've never personally been, but I've heard very good things about Rosie's Dog Beach. It offers an off leash area for you and your pooch to enjoy. There's a beach called staircase beach off the PCH which allows on leash dogs on the sand. Huntington Dog Beach is a favorite among Angelenos and offers ample space to kick back or play fetch. I'd avoid Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey if you want to bring your dog along. 

I haven't been to any beaches in Northern California with my dogs, but it is on my bucket list. What about you? Comment below what's on your travel bucket list.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Lancaster Museum of Art- a trip for the two leggeds

Lancaster Museum of Art is a small museum that is worth checking out if you're in the area. Hidden in the city center this unassuming building hides an array of displays from various lesser known artists. It's free to enter (if you can make a donation that would be great, it helps to keep it running.) and offers plenty of free street parking. While small it's located amidst bakeries, a movie theatre, a cute used bookstore and much more. You can easily make a day out of visiting the museum and surrounding areas and it will be well worth the trip there. I wasn't able to get to many pictures when I went, but here is a taste: learn more here

Monday, February 3, 2020

Windowsill Garden Update

A few months ago I started a trial of growing on my windowsill. I've always had succulents or flowers growing indoors and veggies in a garden bed outside, but this was my first time trying my hand at bringing the vegetables indoors in containers.

First, what didn't work: Radishes. I do have some radishes growing successfully in a pot outside, but the radishes in plastic water bottles did not work. They grew long leaves and very little root. I don't think I'd attempt it again.

Otherwise I will call my little experiment a success! Here's a few photos of what did work:

Green onion and lettuce

 red leaf kale, a succulent and basil


Saturday, February 1, 2020

Art in the Community

One nice thing about Santa Clarita is that the community has a big focus on art. There's many places around town where you can find beautiful artwork from statues to murals. Both indoor and in outdoor places where you can bring your dogs along. Here are just a few pet friendly places my dogs and I have visited: 

The mural at the skate park. Offers walking trails and an off leash dog park.

There are many statues around town. All the photos above were taken at Westfield Valencia shopping center. The mall is very dog friendly featuring water and treat stations around the outdoor shopping area. A koi and turtle pond and outdoor seating. Lazy Dog Cafe (located near the Valet parking) allows well behaved dogs on the patio and even features a dog menu! 

Many walking trails feature art. Central Park is one of them. This photo was taken at Ironhorse Trail which you can read on my blog post here

If you'd like to learn more about art in the city click here.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A day in the life... with 17 pets.

If you're new to my blog first of all welcome and thank you for checking it out. I'm Renee and I have seventeen pets. I'm very passionate about rescuing animals especially those most people don't think of when they think of shelter pets, such as mice and turtles. I have four dogs: Wookiee, Luna, Pepper and Kiko. Two cats: Primrose and Persephone. Four turtles: Milly, shelly, Yertle and Ninja Five birds: Blueberry, Kiwi, sherbert, Cocoa and Java. And finally my newest rescues my two fancy mice Chunk and stubby. Having this many pets is a lot of work and responsibility, but also very rewarding. Here's a day in the life with my many rescued pets.

  • 5am- wake up to slobbery puppy kisses
  • 5:05am- Take dogs out to go potty
  • 5:10am- feed and water crew, start coffee pot
  • 6am-6:30 eat breakfast,wash breakfast dishes, scrub food and water dishes
  • 6:30-7am spend time with birds, free flight time
  • 7am-7:30/8am walk dogs
  • 8am work online
  • 9am housework, clean cat litter, clean yard and water garden
  • 10am change paper in bird cages and bedding in mouse cage, more online work
  • 11am- lunch for me, play fetch with dogs
  • 12 work, housework
  • 1-3pm everyone is napping while I do paid and housework
  • 3pm feed and water, scrub dishes
  • 4pm start preparing dinner for the humans
  • 4:30pm set up maze for mice to play in, free flight for birds
  • 5pm dinner for humans
  • 6pm maybe another walk or playing fetch
  • 7pm start setting up for bedtime, cover bird cages
  • 8pm potty before bed
  • 9-10pm self care routine, snuggle with pets, bedtime
Weekly/monthly/yearly tasks: Full cage clean, grooming, flea and tick meds, check ups, dental cleanings etc. 

This is just to give you and idea of our routine and the kind of work it takes to care for so many animals. It isn't set in stone. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about my large family. 

Monday, January 27, 2020

Persephone the hiking cat

A few years ago I went to the shelter "just to look." (Famous last words for animal lovers and those like me who do rescue.) When I arrived I looked around. There were a lot of people there looking at the many kittens up for adoption. I thought I might like to adopt a kitten as well. As I looked around I felt a sudden tug on my shirt sleeve. I looked down to see a little paw grabbing my arm through the bars of her cage. I immediately asked the shelter staff if I could hold this cat. She was a beautiful multi-colored tortoiseshell with piercing yellow eyes. When the staff member put her in my arms she started kneading me and purring tight away. I knew then that I had to make her part of our family. When I had to put her back in the kennel to fill out the paperwork she dug her claws into my tshirt and didn't want to let go. I had a feeling this kitty was going to be very special. Frail and skinny she seemed like a very calm cat when I first took her home.

When she met the dogs she wasn't afraid at all she bopped them on the nose and let them know she was the new boss around the house. After a bit of recovery I came to realize she was actually very high energy. Every time I leashed up the dogs for an adventure she would stand at the door and cry and try to follow us. I had heard of people walking cats on leashes, but hadn't tried much myself. The thought of taking a cat hiking or camping seemed crazy. I decided to give it a try and she loved it! There was no looking back for this former feral. Persephone went from homeless to avid hiker and we couldn't be happier that she found her way to our family.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Ironhorse Trailhead

Ironhorse Trailhead in Valencia, California is a bike trail that allows on leash dogs. It crosses a bridge and meets up with another trail that runs along a creek bed. It's a popular trail that has nice views and is a great place for walking dogs. It's an easy trail for beginners. If you're in the area and want to check it out it's located at 25331 Magic Mountain Pkwy. You can learn more here.