Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A day in the life... with 17 pets.

If you're new to my blog first of all welcome and thank you for checking it out. I'm Renee and I have seventeen pets. I'm very passionate about rescuing animals especially those most people don't think of when they think of shelter pets, such as mice and turtles. I have four dogs: Wookiee, Luna, Pepper and Kiko. Two cats: Primrose and Persephone. Four turtles: Milly, shelly, Yertle and Ninja Five birds: Blueberry, Kiwi, sherbert, Cocoa and Java. And finally my newest rescues my two fancy mice Chunk and stubby. Having this many pets is a lot of work and responsibility, but also very rewarding. Here's a day in the life with my many rescued pets.

  • 5am- wake up to slobbery puppy kisses
  • 5:05am- Take dogs out to go potty
  • 5:10am- feed and water crew, start coffee pot
  • 6am-6:30 eat breakfast,wash breakfast dishes, scrub food and water dishes
  • 6:30-7am spend time with birds, free flight time
  • 7am-7:30/8am walk dogs
  • 8am work online
  • 9am housework, clean cat litter, clean yard and water garden
  • 10am change paper in bird cages and bedding in mouse cage, more online work
  • 11am- lunch for me, play fetch with dogs
  • 12 work, housework
  • 1-3pm everyone is napping while I do paid and housework
  • 3pm feed and water, scrub dishes
  • 4pm start preparing dinner for the humans
  • 4:30pm set up maze for mice to play in, free flight for birds
  • 5pm dinner for humans
  • 6pm maybe another walk or playing fetch
  • 7pm start setting up for bedtime, cover bird cages
  • 8pm potty before bed
  • 9-10pm self care routine, snuggle with pets, bedtime
Weekly/monthly/yearly tasks: Full cage clean, grooming, flea and tick meds, check ups, dental cleanings etc. 

This is just to give you and idea of our routine and the kind of work it takes to care for so many animals. It isn't set in stone. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about my large family. 

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